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Quarantine School - Resource Pack #8

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All about HOW! Today we find out how to brush your teeth, how far your shoe goes and how to see through a wall!


Quarantine School – Resource Packs
Engaging, exciting, thought-provoking learning triggers!
Beginning Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

The learners are bored, the teachers are unavailable, and the parents are tired.

Chachi is here to help!

Quarantine School carries on and Resource Pack #8 is all about finding out how. This time we look at toothpaste, shoes and scientific magic! These learning triggers should ideally be used by parents or teachers as conversation starters with learners. Based on the learner’s interest or your intended learning objective, you can pick whichever trigger you like and facilitate a journey of exploration!

Use the links below to jump to individual sections –

  1. How to brush your teeth?
  2. How far does your shoe go?
  3. How can you see through a wall?!

How to brush your teeth? #

What’s the one thing that your mom forces you to do every morning before she lets you eat anything? Brush your teeth of course! You probably already know why brushing your teeth is important for your health and hygiene.

But here’s an interesting fact for you to consider – until the 1850s, people did not use toothpaste!

  1. How do you think they kept their teeth clean then? What did they brush their teeth with? Or did they brush at all?
  2. A toothpaste of course is a paste. But what is in that paste? Look carefully at the tube and find out the ingredients.

Does this give you any ideas for what alternatives you can use instead of toothpaste? Consider this then –

  1. When toothpaste was first invented, it was sold in a jar! Not a tube! How would the whole family have used it without it getting dirty? Did everyone have their own jars? Find out!
  2. Are there other things that can be used for cleaning your teeth? Ask your Dadi or Nani.

What would you like to use instead of toothpaste? How will you decide? Why did you choose this alternative? :)

How far does your shoe go? #

Here’s an interesting set of questions about shoes –

  1. What’s the oldest pair of shoes that you own? How long have you had them?
  2. Do you think that shoes have a lifetime? How many years do you think an average pair of shoes lasts?
  3. Would it be helpful to think of the lifetime of shoes in terms of the distance covered in them? Is it a better choice than thinking in terms of years? Why so? Or why not?
  4. Now if you were to find the lifetime of your pair of shoes - how will you find it? What will be the most appropriate method of estimating the distance covered in your shoes?

Do you think the lifetime depends on what weather you wear the shoes in? Or what surface you use them on? Is there anything else that it can depen on? Find out! Discuss with a friend or an adult!

See through a wall?! #

Can you see through a wall? Probably not. But do you want to be able to see what’s happening on the other side of a wall? It’s very easy!

All you need is a mirror. ;)

  1. You already know that a mirror reflects whatever is in front it. But what happens when you keep a mirror slightly turned slightly away from you? Get a mirror and find out!
  2. Place the mirror on a table and stand in front of it. Now slowly move away from it in a diagonal direction. How does the reflection in the mirror change when you look at it from a distance?

Now can you figure out how you can use a mirror to see on the other side of a wall?

What if you could see through walls without having to use a mirror? How would you use this superpower? :)

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