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Quarantine School - Resource Pack #5

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Pack 5 is all about conversations. We find out where we can buy a litre of milk for ₹1, what brand your grandpa's mobile phone was, and how many words your pictures can speak!


Quarantine School – Resource Packs
Engaging, exciting, thought-provoking learning triggers!
Beginning Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

The learners are bored, the teachers are unavailable, and the parents are tired.

Chachi is here to help!

It’s day 10 of the Quarantine School series and this resource pack is all about conversations. These learning triggers should ideally be used by parents or teachers as conversation starters with learners. Based on the learner’s interest or your intended learning objective, you can pick whichever trigger you like and facilitate a journey of exploration!

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  1. Where can we buy a litre of milk for ₹1?
  2. What brand was Dada’s mobile phone?
  3. How many words can YOUR pictures speak?

Where can we buy a litre of milk for ₹1? #

Do you know how much milk your family consumes in a day? Ask your mother how much milk she buys every day. Also, find out how much does she pay for one litre of milk? I would guess the price would be somewhere between ₹40-45.

  1. How many pens or chocolates can you buy for the price of one packet of milk? Do you think the price of milk is expensive? Ask your mother or father - what do they think? Is it expensive or not?
  2. Now, where do you think we can buy milk for just ₹1? Is there a special place? Or a special company? Or a special type of milk? Guess, guess!
  3. Ask your parents how much did milk cost when they were of your age. Then ask your grandparents how much did milk cost when they were of your age. What answers do you get? Did you get anywhere close to ₹1?

So now, my dear friend, which year do you have to go back to be able to buy milk for ₹1? :)

What brand was Dada’s mobile phone? #

Here’s a list of different types of products –

  • Soaps
  • Cars
  • Biscuits
  • Mobile phones
  • Clothes
  1. Try naming as many types of brands as you can in each category. How many could you write? Try to get at least 5 names in each category.
  2. Now it’s time to talk to your grandparents! Ask them to think about **the time when they were your age** and write down all the brands that existed in that time. Did they name more brands than you or less?
  3. Compare the brands named by your grandparents with the ones that you listed. What all common names did you find? (I am sure ParleG must be in the list!) How have these brands been able to go on for so many years?
  4. Try to find out what happened to the brands that your grandparents named that don't exist anymore.

By the way, what did your grandparents say about the mobile phone category? Could you find out what brand your Dada’s mobile phone was? :)

How many words can YOUR pictures speak? #

Have you heard of the proverb - “a picture speaks a thousand words”? What do you think it means? Let’s find out how many words can your pictures speak!

For this activity, you can either use a mobile phone or a bundle of old newspapers and magazines. Don’t forget to take permission from an elder first!

  1. Use the camera of the mobile phone and click at least 10 photos of nouns – things, people, animals or places. Or you can find such photos from the newspapers and magazines.
  2. Now find or click photos of at least 5 emotions. How will you do it? Think, think!
  3. Done? Finally, click or collect photos of at least 10 actions. This one is easy, isn’t it?

Now you are ready to find out how many words your pictures can speak. Here’s how – put your photos together in a way that they form a sentence. What order will you put them in? Here’s one way – put an emotion followed by a noun followed by an action.

What did you get? How many words were you able to speak with your pictures? :)

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