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Quarantine School - Resource Pack #4

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Another day, another resource pack. This time we design a kitchen for our grandmother, interview a chair, and find out about bus timetables!


Quarantine School – Resource Packs
Engaging, exciting, thought-provoking learning triggers!
Beginning Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

The learners are bored, the teachers are unavailable, and the parents are tired.

Chachi is here to help!

Quarantine School series carries on and we bring you three new learning triggers today as well. These should ideally be used by parents or teachers as conversation starters with learners. Based on the learner’s interest or your intended learning objective, you can pick whichever trigger you like and facilitate a journey of exploration!

Use the links below to jump to individual sections –

  1. Daadi’s new kitchen!
  2. Mister Chair or Miss Chair?
  3. When does the bus leave?

Daadi’s new kitchen! #

Have you ever imagined living in a palace in the air? Far up above the clouds… it’s so much fun to fantasize about such things! Let’s make use of our imagination skills to solve a real life problem – imagine you are given the task to redesign your grandmother’s kitchen in a way that makes easier for her to use it.

If your grandmother does not live with you, you can do this activity with your mother, or any other elder in your home who runs the kitchen!

Let’s break the task down into a set of questions.

  1. Before you start designing the kitchen, let’s create a rough design of the kitchen! Draw the map of your kitchen on paper. Make sure you add all the components to the drawing – the stove, the fridge, the utensils… anything else you like! The drawing doesn’t have to be artistic - it just has to be functional, i.e., you should be able to understand it. :)
  2. In order to make the kitchen easy to use, we need to first find out what difficulties does your grandmother face in her current kitchen. Observe your grandmother as she uses the kitchen to cook food, make tea or wash utensils, and make a list of the difficulties she faces in these tasks.
  3. And now finally, we will use this list to make modifications to our kitchen design. Try to answer these questions in this step –
    • Will you change the height of the kitchen counter?
    • Will you move the location of the fridge?
    • Will the sugar, salt and spice containers be placed somewhere else?
    • Where will you keep the utensils?

Share this design with your family. Ask them for suggestions too!

Mister Chair or Miss Chair? #

Have you seen how interviews are conducted in the news? Let’s conduct an interview too. But not of a person. Let’s conduct an interview of a chair! What questions will you ask a chair?

Here are some ideas –

  1. Biodata: Age, location, owner?
  2. Properties: Colour, material, foldable, capacity?
  3. Mathematical properties: Number of legs and arm rests, angle of back, number of straight lines?

Are there more properties of the chair that you can inquire about? Try thinking about the process that goes into making a chair!

What if the chair could speak like a person? Would it be a he, a she or a it? Will all chairs be the same gender? Think about it!

When does the bus leave? #

Have you travelled in a bus? Where did you catch the bus from – the bus stop or the bus stand? You probably would have noticed that hundreds of buses move on the roads every day all over the country.

But how do you find out when a bus is going to leave from the bus stand? Or when is it going to come to your bus stop?

  1. Just like you have a time table in school, buses have a time table too! See if you can find the bus time table for your local bus stand. Request an elder for help.
  2. Imagine you were put in-charge of creating the bus time table for your city or village. How would you go about it? How many buses would you allow every day? How will you make sure that buses are available during the time of maximum need? Is the number of passengers the same for all routes? How will you modify your time table keeping that in mind?

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